Evaluation Services

Anytime Trauma (AT) Scenario:

Anytime Trauma (AT) scenarios provide the flexibility to conduct full service “on-the-spot” trauma scenarios in your platoon area, team room, off post, Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) Exercises, Joint Combined Exercise Training (JCET), Foreign Internal Defense (FID) missions, Special Warfare Exercises, or training pipeline to test the casualty evacuation system and preparedness of individuals to treat at the Point of Injury (PoI).  These services are available for short or long durations and are tailored to fit your individual requirements.  All medical equipment, tourniquets and class VIII are provided by Raptor and a video of each scenario will be provided to the customer.

Mass Casualty/ Natural Disaster/ Active Shooter: 

These scenarios are multiple Anytime Trauma scenarios to stress any civilian, governmental, or military capabilities.  These simulators expose the customer to multiple wound patterns (from solely gunshot wounds to amputations and burn injuries). 

General Overview:

Raptor Medical offers training environment, evaluation or education based scenarios to meet your individual needs.  All of our scenarios include state-of-the-art training simulators in civilian or military attire as specified, video footage of all training iterations, and any required tourniquets/ bandages/ medications/ (class VIII).  Guaranteed “Show and Go” scenarios. 

Prolonged Field Care:

These scenarios are designed to test and increase special operations or equivalent forces' ability to conduct austere wound management, identify patient decrement to Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), conduct Telemedicine to assist stabilizing a patient with Sepsis and package a critically ill patient for transportation in an immature theater with limited or no Role II or Role III capabilities. 

Raptor develops undisclosed training locations and provides transportation to each venue.  PFC scenarios are 48 hours long and are tailored to incrementally increase the ability of Medics/ Corpsman, Special Operations Medics, Physician Assistants (PA) and Medical Doctors.  All medical equipment (Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Save Vent, etc.), Medications, and Transportation equipment is provided by Raptor.  Scenarios are run by an MD/DO, Special Operations Medic (or PA) and a simulator controller.