Education Services

Tourniquet and Bandage Course:

This is a 1-3 day (tailorable) course for untrained civilians and soldiers to provide the fundamentals of controlling bleeding and the basics of initial casualty care.  

Personal Security Detachment (PSD) Medical Course:

This is a 2-week (scalable) course that provides formal tactical medical training to private security elements.  The training can be condensed or expanded to meet specific needs based off the principal's pattern of life.  

First Responder/ Basic Life Saver:

This is a 3-5 day (tailorable) course for untrained personnel designed to introduce the ABC of medical: Airways, breathing and circulation.  

General Overview:

Raptor provides scalable training options to meet your individual needs.  Our training is conducted on the most realistic and state-of-the-art medical simulators available.  Our courses are offered at our North Carolina facilities or at your location. 


Tactical Combat Casualty Care course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield, or high-risk areas.  The course is focused on teaching untrained soldiers and civilians in life saving interventions in the event of a disaster.   Our trainers are National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians TCCC Instructor Certified.